Watson's UN² test II

Watson's UN² test II
French\ \ test UN2 II de Watson
German\ \ Watsonscher UN²-Test II
Dutch\ \ UN²-toets II van Watson
Italian\ \ test UN2 II di Watson
Spanish\ \ prueba UN2 II de Watson
Catalan\ \ prova UN² de Watson II
Portuguese\ \ teste UN² de Watson II
Romanian\ \ testul UN2 II lui Watson
Danish\ \ Watsons UN² test II
Norwegian\ \ Watsons UN² test II
Swedish\ \ Watson UN² test II
Greek\ \ UN² έλεγχος ll των Watson
Finnish\ \ Watsonin UN2- II testi
Hungarian\ \ Watson-féle UN²-próba II
Turkish\ \ Watson'ın UN² II testi
Estonian\ \ Watsoni UN²-test II; Watsoni test II
Lithuanian\ \ Votsono UN² kriterijus; Watson UN² kriterijus
Slovenian\ \ Watsonov UN2 test II; Watsonov UN2 preizskus II
Polish\ \ test UN² Watsona II
Russian\ \ т. н. UN² тест II Уотсона
Ukrainian\ \ -
Serbian\ \ -
Icelandic\ \ Watson UN² próf II
Euskara\ \ Watson-ren UN2 test II
Farsi\ \ azmoone UN² Watson II; azmoone Watson II
Persian-Farsi\ \ -
Arabic\ \ اختبار واتسن UN2 - 2
Afrikaans\ \ Watson se UN²-toets II
Chinese\ \ 沃 森 UN2 检 验
Korean\ \ Watson's UN² 검정2

Statistical terms. 2014.

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